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What We Do

Every year, we walk 10 to 12 miles wearing silkies and a rucksack to bring awareness to the 22 Veterans, or Active duty we lose to suicide every day.

This walk is done

  • in combat boots to support all those who left wearing them but didn't return in them
  • with weight in your pack to symbolize the weight that our lost ones can no longer carry on our missions.

My Story

My name is David Martinez I am an 8 year veteran of the U.S. Navy and I have been currently serving 4 years with the Fairview police department. I do the 22kill walks to bring awareness to the 22 veterans and active-duty members who attempt or complete the suicide process daily.

In 2015 I almost became one of the 22 and a statistic myself. If it weren't for the great leadership of people I had in my corner who pushed me to get help as well as get involved in something bigger than myself, I don't know where I'd be today.

I did my first 22kill walk in 2016 and have been doing it each year since. I started alone, but this has grown bigger every year. I learned that on my own, I can stop one person from suicide; but the people I reach and touch every year through the walk can help more and more people. This is not a one-person problem but a community as a whole.

About 22kill

We need everyone to reach out to others to make our footprint bigger in stopping this massive issue. Doing the walk helps remind me of where I never want to be again but also aids me with resources and knowledge to help others who may not have reached out for help yet. I chose to stay with 22kill nonprofit because through their research, they have learned a lot about the triggers and stimuli that push people towards suicide. 22kill is big on giving veterans a purpose and helping them transition from the military to the civilian world and maintain that purpose and comradery they felt in the military. Having that peer group of like-minded people has been proven to keep people in the right state of mind. 22kill doesn't just stop at veterans either. They are very big in helping stop the suicide issues with first responders as well and implementing the same tactics to stop our heroes on the front lines from taking their own lives.

Get Involved

Let's show some support for our vets.

You are invited to join us for the 2021 22kill walk in Dickson, TN.

Where: Bulldogs
Date: Saturday, May 22
Time: 7:45 am (walk starts at 8am)

We will open with a prayer at 7:45 am and the walk begins at 8am. 

We will start at Bulldogs Bar and Night Club, head down Lewis hollow to Hwy 47 then turn on to Hwy 46 then down to the pilot, and back to the bar. We will be in the view of a lot of people to bring awareness to our cause but let's do it with class.

Upon our return to Bulldogs, there will be drink and food specials for everyone to socialize and remember our fallen. I will have a memorial table set up so please bring a picture or names of their friends.

There will be a moment of silence for all the lost followed by a memorial shot if anyone wants to participate.

This event is open to the public but I'd ask that while we have a good time let's respect the no drinking laws, no being crazy, or disturbing traffic flow, etc.

Jeep, Bike and Classic Car Show and Shine

While everyone is hiking there will be a Jeep, Bike and Classic Car Show and Shine sponsored by Topless in Tennessee Jeep Club $10.00 per vehicle registration starts at 10am and will end at 1200pm the winners will be announced at 1230pm. There will be a best in class Bike, Jeep, Classic Car along with 2nd and 3rd runners up. The show will be judged by Luke and his staff.  All the proceeds raised via the walk, car show and merchandise will go directly to the 22kill nonprofit.

Dickson Police Department will be aiding us with some cars for our safety.

There will be lots of different ways to be active in this event.  Let's make this a success and something Dickson can be proud of.

To learn more about 22kill, check out our website >>


We are selling t-shirts through our SSD Giving to support 22kill. $10 of each sale will be donated. 

You can also donate to 22Kill Dickson on our GoFundMe page here


To sponsor this event, please select an option below

22Kill: Corporate Sponsorship - $250

  • Host a stop along the way (waters, fruit, flags, swag, etc)
  • 2 T-Shirts for your representatives
  • Booth or tent at the event site
  • Your business name on the banner 
  • Your business name on the website
  • Shoutouts on Facebook

22Kill: Honor A Member Sponsorship - $75

  • Honor the name of someone who has served at any time in the military with a T-shirt with the name of that service member.

22Kill: Memorial Sponsorship - $40

  • Add your loved one's name to the Service Member Memorial on display at the 22Kill Walk.
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