About Us

Our family moved to the Dickson area in 1999 and fell in love with this community. The small town feel of Dickson plus the close-knit community was a huge draw to our family. Over the years, we have had the pleasure of working with many families and businesses through corporate design or our SSD Giving campaigns. 

SSD Apparel has given me the opportunity to serve our local community while doing what I love best: collaborating with others and coming up with beautifully branded merchandise. To walk down Main Street and see one of my designs on a local passerby never gets old!

I love to work with business owners and local community members to create unique designs that bring brands to life and convey messages through thoughtful and beautiful design. I am so blessed to have a talented team to work with to serve our customers.

Over the years, we have watched Dickson grow at a rapid pace. We are excited for the future of our small town and look forward to serving the many businesses that move into our special town.

I have lived in Dickson for the last 20 years with my husband Kevin, my son Broc, my two older children Tyler and Logan, and my rambunctious grandson Maverick. With 2 grown children and one elementary aged son, we stay busy! My goal with opening SSD Apparel was to be able to leave my job as a full-time nurse and figure out a way to stay at home with my young son Broc. SSD Apparel has been such a blessing to our family and our way of contributing to our growing community!

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Heather Hawkins
(615) 946-5284